Full Length Plays & Collections:

Full-Length Drama
Cast: 3M, 3W
Synopsis: THE DUNES follows the downward spiral of fading movie star Laura Robertson and her family, step-daughter Vanessa, daughter Anne, and brother Garret.  Laura, who has become better known for her turbulent relationships than her acting, returns to her family home in East Hampton, New York to lick her wounds after her marriage falls apart.  The others, particularly the practical Vanessa and her fiance Jeremy, try to get Laura's life and career back on track, but Laura's debts and inability to face reality and make painful decisions means they may lose things that are far more valuable than a beach house.  Inspired by Anton Chekhov's THE CHERRY ORCHARD. .

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Winner - New Play Contest, Theatre Conspiracy
Finalist - National Playwrights Conference, Eugene O’Neill Center


Full-Length Comedy
Cast: 5M, 5W
Synopsis: In a series of comic scenes, MONTHS ON END follows the intertwined lives of a circle of friends and family, whose lives are poised between happiness and heartbreak. Phoebe and Ben are engaged to be married, but have some lingering doubts. Even so, Elaine is jealous of their relationship, especially since none of hers last more than a few dates. She's ready to give up until she meets Walter, whose only flaw is he's married. Walter's brother Nick is single, but when he proposes to his girlfriend Paige on a beach her answer is to scream and drop the engagement ring in the sand. Heidi, Phoebe's sister, delivers a commencement address that starts as a tribute to the graduates' parents, but degenerates into a tirade against them. Phoebe's wedding day meltdown isn't helped by her father, who, trying to calm her fears, tells her to "Pretend you're in a plane that's crashing ... " Walter and Nick battle hilariously in July over what they find sexy about women. As the year draws to a close, a fight over the Beatles threatens to break-up Ben and Phoebe, but a death bonds them more strongly together. And December finds Walter and Nick still as different as siblings can be, but united by their failed relationships.

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  • Oglebay Institute/Towngate Theatre

  • New Play Project, Backdoor Theatre

  • Inter-Play Festival, Shipping Dock Theatre

Finalist - National Playwrights Conference, Eugene O’Neill Center

Full-Length Comic Fantasy
Cast: 6-12 M or W
Synopsis:  In THE POLES OF INACCESSIBILITY, Dylan is comfortable with his insular life, working at an insurance company and living with his wheelchair-bound aunt, when Theadora, one of the last of the Greek Muses, inspires him to travel around the world with Chris, a young woman of boundless energy, on a quest to gather what magic may remain at the eight Poles of Inaccessibility. Dylan and Chris circle the globe on an epic journey of discovery, comedy, danger, and romance.

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Runner Up - Todd McNerney National Playwriting Contest at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival and the College of Charleston, SC


Full-Length Comedy
Cast: 3M, 3W
Synopsis:  SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN  begins in the dark as Jasper confesses his feeling of isolation.  But he becomes unnerved by the dark and calls for the light.  In the first scene, Jasper is stuck between floors on an elevator with a claustrophobic man, who quickly loses it.  At work a sleazy co-worker give him terrible advice on who to pick up women, and that night Jasper tries to pick up a pretty clerk, Holly, at a bookstore.  He strikes out, but gets picked up in turn by another woman, who takes him home . . . to her boyfriend.  A ride on the subway turns into a free-for-all as Jasper and other riders enthusiastically offer conflicting directions to a tourist.  But later Jasper crosses paths with Holly at a party, and he gamely starts a new conversation with her.  They go to a cozy restaurant on a date, but the couple on one side erupts in a battle of the sexes, while a couple at another table engages in passionate verbal foreplay.  Later, Jasper walks Holly home, and their conversation may be ordinary, but their fantasies are anything but.  A chance encounter with a homeless man forces Jasper to gain some perspective, but back at work Jasper snaps when a friend tells him Holly is dating someone else.  He kicks a chair, breaks his foot and gets fired.  Feeling liberated, Jasper hobbles to the bookstore to ask Holly if she's in a relationship.  She isn't.  And they kiss.  Then leave for the hospital. In the end, Jasper comes to understand he must accept life's uncertainties, which aren't all bad, and make the best of what comes his way.

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Winner -

  • FutureFest, Dayton Playhouse

  • Inter-Play Festival, Shipping Dock Theater

Full-Length Drama
Cast: 2M, 2-3W
Synopsis:  In WATER/MUSIC, Tricia returns to the Berkshires to deal with her mother's death after a battle with Alzheimer’s. But at the funeral home she collides with Fitz, a prodigy and former piano student of her mother's, with secrets of his own, and her estranged aunt Peggy, who challenge her loyalty and choices. Tricia wanted to avoid her mother’s estranged sister, Peggy, but they must confront each other over finalizing the estate.

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A collection of Short Plays and Monologues, Comedies and Dramas
Synopsis: t This collection includes: 

  • ON THE WINGS OF A BUTTERFLY. A playwright tries to come to terms with the scope of the disaster in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. (1 man or woman)

  • FREE. A panicked man on the subway tires to conquer his anxiety by taking off all his clothes. Much to the dismay of a couple in the same car. (2M, 1W)

  • WHAT PRICE? A woman finds herself interrogated by a nameless official, who threatens her and her children unless she gives him a name. (1M, 1W)

  • NO CHILD LEFT. Mrs. O'Reilly instructs her first grade class on the four Rs - reading, 'riting, 'rithmatic and Republicanism. (1W)

  • GUERILLA GORILLA. It is sometime in the future, and theater has been declared illegal. But that won't stop Alana and Sandy from seeing an underground production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Or will it? (2M, 2W)

  • TRAIN OF THOUGHT. Wade is obsessed with Nina, a woman he sees on the subway, while she imagines that her boyfriend Frank thinks of nothing but her, and Wade's girlfriend Marcy can't make sense of her own thoughts. (2M, 2W)

  • QUANDARY IN QUANDO. The President of the United States will do anything to stop a crisis in a foreign land he's never heard of from ruining his weekend at Camp David. (2M)

  • GUNS DON’T KILL. Mrs. O'Reilly is back. And this time she's come to class armed. (1W)

  • IN A WORD. Char explains why she's avoiding people and the things they have to say. (1W)

  • PERCHANCE. It's hazy, but what Robbie remembers is that he and Cass are in love. Unfortunately, she's decided to move to San Diego to be with Antonio. (2M, 2W)

  • A QUIET, EMPTY LIFE. As Stephanie quietly tries to get dressed for a function she has to attend, a Narrator reveals the secrets of the life she didn't know she had. (1M, 1W)

  • MANHATTAN DRUM-TAPS. A young Irish immigrant and an African-American dockworker are caught up in the politics and rasicm of the 1863 New York Draft Riots. (2M, 2W)

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Eight Short Comedies
Cast: 2M, 4W
Synopsis:  This collection is a comical look at relationships from childhood to old age.

  • CLASS CONFLICT. Billy is a shy, sweet six year-old, nervous about his first day of school. His new classmate Megan Devenaux, however, is a pint-sized lawyer, who talks like an adult and is ready to take on the Supreme Court. Then cash in. (1M, 1W)

  • ON THE EDGE. Gene, a young man of seventeen,is so distraught that Amanda, the girl of his dreams, is making out with someone else at a party that he decides to jump off the ledge of a New York apartment building. Sammy, another classmate, comes to the window for a smoke and she discovers Gene on the ledge. Far from being worried or trying to talk him out of it, Sammy teases him for being melodramatic and so in love with a girl who's "not that great." (1M, 1W)

  • WHATEVER. A sly riff on Edgar Alan Poe's "The Raven," WHATEVER finds Jessica hallucinating that a talking pigeon has flown into her apartment. Her friend Liz tries to talk her down, but realizes that Jessica isn't suffering from a combination of wine and Benedryl, but from her inability to let go of a relationship that has ended. (2W).

  • DOUBLE WEDDING. Deborah is more than a little nervous on her wedding day. Her parents' constant chatter isn't helping. And neither in Deborah's reflection in the mirror, which keeps shouting out her darkest thoughts and worries. Can Deborah calm her fears before her alter ego literal steps through the looking glass and ruins everything? (1M, 3W)

  • INFANT MORALITY. Trish is at the front desk in a city hospital when Stephanie comes in with a trendy shopping bag, saying she has something to return. Trish is shocked when she learns Stephanie wants to return the baby in the bag and get a refund. Stephanie doesn't understand what the problem is. Things get even stranger in this black comedy. (1M, 3W)

  • A MOTHER'S LOVE. In a darkly comic monologue, Melissa calmly explains her reasons for taking a parent's natural desire to protect her child a little too far. (1W)

  • THE AMERICAN DREAM REVISITED. The American Dream is alive and well - if more than a little twisted - out in a southwestern desert as Jim and Della and their daughter Chartreuse decide to leave Grandpa there to die in order to inherit his money, making their lives so much more pleasant. (2M, 2W) Winner of the Alan Minieri Playwriting Award.

  • THE LAST DECEMBER. An elderly couple sit at home on a cold winter's night. The old man watches a football game, but his wife is trying to get him ready to go out into the cold on some errand. The man is angry, bitter and clearly doesn't want to go. His patient wife listens, and gently prods him into action. But there's more to the old man than meets the eye, and the play ends with surprising sweetness and love. (1M, 1W)

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Selected One-Act and Short Plays:

One-Act Comedy/Farce
Cast: 3M, 3W
Synopsis: Written as part of a commission for plays inspired by math theorems or equations, THE BIG SHELL is a "math noir" comedy, about hard-boiled detective Philip Fibonacci, who takes on a perplexing case in the shape of femme fatale Brooke Taylor, involving blackmail, murder and a golden nautilus shell.

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One-Act Drama
Cast: 1M, 1W
Synopsis: Tricia returns to the Berkshires to deal with her mother's death after a battle with Alzheimer’s. But at the funeral home she collides with Fitz, a prodigy and former piano student of her mother's, with secrets of his own, who challenges her loyalty and choices. 

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One-Act Comedy
 2M, 1W
Synopsis: Cassidy, a conflicted and high-strung woman, is at a coffee shop with her husband, when she spots her ex-boyfriend Abe. Should she talk to him? Or not? Tell her husband? Or not? Abe approaches her, and in a midst the small talk he drops some bombshells about their past relationship. But Cassidy won't let him get away with that. Every time Abe starts taking a path she doesn't like, Cassidy makes a twirling motion with one hand and rewinds time, until things play out the way she wants. Or does it?

Available via New Play Exchange

One-Act Comedy
Cast: 1M, 3W
Synopsis: Friends can drift apart, but they generally don't announce they're "breaking up" with you. Especially not when you're riding downtown on the A train. Natalie's friends, on the other hand, think it's the perfect place to make a clean break.

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One-Act Comedy
Cast: 2M, 2W
Synopsis: Lance moves to Paris to follow his dream of becoming a writer, but his work goes badly. As does his relationship with Juliette, a beautiful Parisian. But a strangely familiar woman at their local bistro forces Lance to dig deeper into himself.

Published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

One-Act Comedy
Cast: 1M, 1W
Synopsis: Nancy, an over-enthusiastic tourist, waxes ecstatic about New York's subway while Jason, an unemployed actor, desperately tries to prepare for an audition. Sure that she recognizes him, Nancy pesters Jason for his autograph despite his protests that he's no one. Or is he?

Published by Playscripts, Inc.